Memory Boxes

Memory boxes give patients with advanced breast cancer the opportunity to record their life story along with video messages and a photography session for their loved ones.

Let HBCF ease the burden of advanced cancer on families by allowing us to help create a precious box of memories that will last forever.

Service for Advanced Cancer Clients

HBCF offer a service exclusive to clients with advanced cancer. We are focused on providing comfort for our clients and long-lasting memories for their loved ones.

Everlasting life Story

Memory boxes provided breast cancer patients with an opportunity to record their life story. This can provide a sense of accomplishment and an everlasting memoir for their loved ones.

Video messages for loved ones

We provide clients with the opportunity to record video messages for their loved ones that will be cherished for years to come.

Professional service

All services are provided by professional contractors who are experienced in working with clients in advanced stages of cancer. They are flexible, accommodating and committed to creating an empowering and positive experience.


HBCF can arrange for a photography session for our client and their family. Share in a beautiful session to create photographs that capture the love and energy of the family.

Memory Box

HBCF package up the video and photos to form the basis of a memory box. Once ready, family members can decorate together and fill with special items like perfume, jewellery and favourite items of clothing to create a lasting memento of their loved one.

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