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Supportive Care

The Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation is about understanding the needs of women and men who are dealing with the effects of breast cancer and offers a hand of friendship to those women and men to help them through their journey – we do this through our supportive care program.

This program is tailored to meet individual needs and offers house cleaning, lawn mowing, transport to and from treatment/medical appointments and providing education assistance for children of families affected by breast cancer.

We also provide breast cancer patients with a comfort cushion pack. This is a specially designed and hand crafted cushion that is used by patients after having breast surgery. The pack also contains a drainage bag cover and information about the Foundation.

The supportive care offered by the Foundation is completely free of charge and is available to all women/men and their families.

We also work as part of the broader network supporting people with breast cancer. We work closely with and support the work of organisations that promote support groups, education of breast care nurses and assistance to people needing special care.

Please contact the Foundation on 0419 658 875 or email us if you or someone you know requires our assistance.

To continue to provide these services to the community, we need your support.

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