PWCS Champions Comfort: Helping the Hunter through HBCF’s Comfort Cushion Program

Comfort Cushions

Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation (HBCF) has been a beacon of support for breast cancer patients and their families for almost 25 years. At the heart of this support network is Jane Harris, a steadfast volunteer and coordinator of HBCF’s Comfort Cushion Pack Program.

For the past fifteen years, Jane Harris has dedicated her time to coordinating the sewing of hundreds of HBCF Comfort Cushions each year. These cushions play a vital role in providing relief and comfort to patients recovering from breast cancer surgery throughout the Hunter region.

Jane leads a dedicated team of volunteers who gather in sewing groups across the Hunter, tirelessly crafting these special packs. From the Good Shepherd Anglican Church in Kotara to the annual craft week at Tocal, these volunteers pour their love and skill into every stitch, knowing they are making a difference in the lives of those in need.

The Comfort Cushion Pack Program recently received a significant boost from Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS), demonstrating their commitment to supporting the local community. PWCS has provided $7,500 in funding for the initiative from July 2023 to June 2024, ensuring the continuation and expansion of this impactful program.

Expressing her joy and gratitude for PWCS’s support, Karen Marples, PWCS’s Sustainability & Community Relations Advisor, joined the volunteers in a sewing day, eager to contribute to the cause. “I was so happy to be put to work stuffing the cushions and being part of it with the amazing volunteers you have in the program,” she shared.

The Comfort Cushion Pack Program goes beyond providing physical comfort; it serves as a symbol of hope and solidarity for breast cancer patients and their families. Each cushion is meticulously sewn to provide relief for patients recovering from surgery, offering support during chemotherapy treatments, and promoting mobility and comfort during a challenging time.

With over 1,000 packs distributed annually to hospitals and breast cancer patients across the Hunter region, the program has become an essential part of the support network for those facing a breast cancer diagnosis.

Jane Harris, along with her dedicated companion Ann Manning, leads the charge in coordinating the program, embodying the spirit of compassion and community that defines HBCF’s mission. Their commitment to providing comfort and support to breast cancer patients reflects the ethos of Hunter people helping Hunter people.

As we embark on the journey from July 2023 to June 2024, the grant funding from Port Waratah Coal Services serves as a vital resource, ensuring the continuation of this impactful program. Together, with the unwavering commitment of volunteers and the support of generous contributors like PWCS, the Comfort Cushion Pack Program continues to be a source of solace and strength for the Hunter community.

Find out more about our comfort cushions, and how they aid in recovery from surgery.

Comfort Cushions

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