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Our Team

At the heart of the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation is a small, dedicated team of four individuals who, supported by our incredible volunteers, work tirelessly to provide crucial support to local Hunter families facing the challenges of breast cancer. 

Click the links below to learn more about each member of our compassionate and committed team.


General Manager

Marianne Timbrell-Chapman 

Client Care Navigator

Emily Dwyer

Administration Officer & Fundraising Support

Josh Lawlor

Fundraising, Events
& Marketing

Our Committee

Comprising individuals with diverse expertise in medical, business, accounting, marketing, and beyond, our committee members generously volunteer their time to steer the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation toward its full potential.

Their collective dedication ensures that we can continue providing vital support to local Hunter families facing breast cancer challenges.

If you are interested in becoming involved further in the Foundation and would like to join the Management Committee, please contact us.

Cath Adams





Vice President


Committee Member

Lynette Stead


Kirsty Porteous

Committee Member

Our Pink Army Volunteers

Our Pink Army of Volunteers stands as the backbone of our operations, making an indelible impact on the lives of local Hunter families affected by  breast cancer. Their dedication and selflessness are the driving force behind our ability to offer vital services and support. 

To become a part of our incredible Pink Army and make a meaningful difference, click here to explore volunteer opportunities.

Pink Army Volunteers

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