Children's Books

HBCF offer resources to help explain a cancer diagnosis to young children.

A diagnosis of breast cancer is hard enough to explain to close family and friends – trying to explain to children can be even more difficult so HBCF have a selection of resources to help.

Storytelling for children

Books can be a useful tool to assist in explaining a breast cancer diagnosis to kids. HBCF have books to assist Hunter breast cancer clients with young children.

"My Mum has breast cancer"

Written and illustrated by Australian’s for Australian’s to help Mums to explain their breast cancer diagnosis to their kids.

From the author

“We hope this book can help make that very diffcult time a little less frightening for children and assist in opening areas of discussion between paretn, carers and children.”

Variety of topics

The book covers a variety of topics split into sections so that it can be read as a whole or split into parts according to where Mum is at in her journey.

Making hard topics easier

From tackling the big question of “what is breast cancer?” to explaining treatments, reactions and hair loss, this book is a comprehensive and easy to understand guide to breast cancer for kids.

Order your book

Contact HBCF on 0419 658 875to have your book sent to you.

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