About us

About Us

The Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation (HBCF) is a locally based not-for-profit that is an entirely funded by the local community.

Thanks to the local support of the Hunter, HBCF provides essential services to families as they journey through breast cancer. These services include everything from wigs to private transport, lawn maintenance to education scholarships and much more.   

Our clients are local Hunter families who are currently going through treatment for breast cancer. Our usual support services have been disrupted by COVID-19 and we are looking for new ways to support our clients through their cancer treatment while in self isolation. Most of our patients are immunocompromised and are in total lockdown with little access to their networks and key support services.

HBCF's Story

The Hunter breast Cancer Foundation was established by Milton and Virginia Rigby in 1999 to provide practical assistance to women with breast cancer. Virginia was incredibly grateful for the support she received from her family and friends while she received treatment for her breast cancer, but Milton and Virginia knew not all families would be receiving this level of care through cancer.  It was the Rigby’s goal to establish practical and immediate support services for local women and their families while they received treatment for breast cancer. The focus was on replicating the friendly assistance to others across the region. HBCF was registered as a charity in 2000.

Virginia lost her battle with breast cancer in June 2004. The Virginia Rigby Scholarship was established in her honour to assist families with the educational needs of children who are experiencing financial hardship due to breast cancer.

Milton was a volunteer with the HBCF until 2018, driving patients to and from their treatment. From this humble beginning, HBCF has grown and expended its services while keeping this practical and friendly approach in everything we do.

HBCF proudly support over 500 local families by providing a range of support services across the Hunter region each year.

Our Mission

  • Build & shape a better future – leave our people & community better off than before we arrived.
  • Celebrate authenticity – be your genuine self
  • Do what is right, always – integrity
  • Drive connection & teamwork – team is one
  • Focus on outcomes – find the ‘so what?’
  • Fuel growth & innovation – challenge the status quo
  • Take ownership, get it done. Personal accountability

Why partner with HBCF?

HBCF have been proudly providing support services for local families for over 20 years. Each program has been developed in response to a direct need from hunter residents suffering from breast cancer. 

Now more than ever we are relying on support from the local community. 

By partnering our partners will have the opportunity to come on board under HBCF’s brand new supporter partnership scheme. As an acknowledgment of your support we have a series of tailored partnership packages available. 

As an official Hunter Breast Cancer Sponsor, you will have access to the hunter community in a new way. 

Now more than ever, the local families accessing support from HBCF need the services. By aligning with a local, community based charity, as they grow and meet these needs of the community in new ways your company will have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and really own these projects. 

We would love the opportunity to work with local businesses.

Some of the benefits of working together on a targeted plan include:

  • HBCF can provide you with content, client stories and testimonials for you to use within your marketing campaigns.
  • A local family who have directly benefited from the program will become the 'face' of the project. You will have the ability to have your customers connect with them.
  • Enjoy increased awareness and client referrals from HBCF's contact database.
  • Staff giving back. Corporate responsibility and inspiring pride makes for happy employees. by supporting a local charity your employees and clients will be able to personally connect with the cause

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