Prosthesis Financial Support

HBCF offer a prosthesis program with local fitters so there is no out of pocket costs when purchasing a prosthesis after a mastectomy.

At HBCF we want our clients to feel comfortable and confident post-surgery. This is why we offer financial assistance with the purchase of prostheses ensuring every woman has access to the same exceptional service and products.

Confidence and Comfort

The up-front costs for prostheses can be prohibitive for some clients resulting in a delay in being fitted. At HBCF we don’t believe financial constraints should impact your comfort and confidence so we run a program to ensure all clients can access prostheses asap post-surgery.

Breast Prosthesis

HBCF offer financial assistance by paying the out-of-pocket expenses for   the purchase of breast prosthesis. As part of the agreement, our clients then agree to claim back the amount from through the Medicare External Breast Prostheses Reimbursement Program and reimburse HBCF with the amount received back from Medicare. 

No Up-front costs

Having breast cancer is costly enough without being out of pocket for prostheses while you wait for Medicare to reimburse the funds. HBCF can ease the financial burden – simply pay us back once Medicare reimburses you the funds.

Swimwear Prosthesis

In addition to prosthesis funding, HBCF will also contribute up to $100 towards the purchase of a swimwear prosthesis from our partners.

Specialised Partners

Our partners at You Really Are Beautiful offer a private setting for ladies to be fitted with their breast prosthesis. They have several fully trained and experienced fitters in their Warners Bay store.

Find out more

All purchases funded through HBCF prosthesis program must be authorised prior to purchase. Contact us before your fitting to arrange approval on 0419 658 875.

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