Fundraising Tips

Fundraising should be simple and fun! 

Here are a few simple tips for how to get you started.
Let us know if we can help you.

Fundraising tips

Fundraising should be simple and fun! Here are a few simple tips for how to get you started. Let us know if we can help you.

  • Ask

    Your friends and family can’t support you unless they know what wonderful fundraising your doing. Some great ways to get the word out are:-

    Social media: A short post to get the word out about what you are doing and who you are helping. Don’t forget to tag in HBCF so we can help you share it #paintthepavementpink #paintthehunterpink

    Email: a quick email to friends and colleagues is another way to let them know what you’re up to. Including a link to your everyday hero page is a great way for people to support you.

  • Share

    Share the reason why you are supporting families through breast cancer and why it’s important to you. Share who the fund your raising is going to help. The funds raised for HBCF goes directly into providing immediate and practical assistance to local families going through breast cancer ovarian cancer. The money raised today goes into support services tomorrow. HBCF is fully funded by the generosity of the local Hunter community. That’s why fundraising is so very important to keeping these services going.

  • Every bit counts

    It doesn’t matter how big or small the donation is, every dollar counts. Let people know that even a small donation can go a long way. A wig costs around $50, a few small donations can add up to a new wig to for a local woman really quickly.

  • Share your journey

    Keep your supporters updated about where you’re up to. Share photos or posts about how you are going. For example, how many kilometers have you run so far? Have you ordered some fun pink things for your BBQ? Post a photo of this and get everyone involved in the planning.

  • Ask Again!

    Everyone is so busy, they often mean to donate and then forget. Don’t be afraid to send a gentle reminder to people. A social media reminder is a great way to send people a little nudge to remind them your fundraiser is coming up.

  • Thank your supporters

    A little thanks goes a long way. Let your supporters know their support is appreciated. A quick thank you can mean a lot to people.

  • Ask for help

    People are really happy to help. The HBCF fundraising team are here to support you. Contact us anytime to help you with some ideas or technical support. Similarly, people you know are probably really happy to help you. You never know if you don’t ask.

  • Share your success

    Don’t forget to tell everyone who donated how great your fundraiser was! People love an outcome, share your success with them and let them know how much you raised.



Everyone has different things they enjoy doing. Our suggestion is if you’d like to fundraise, adapt something you already enjoy and turn it into an event. Love cooking? Why not host a pink dinner or BBQ. Fitness your thing? Paint the pavement pink and support HBCF with a run or cycling challenge.

Don’t let COVID lockdown or restrictions stop you from fundraising to support local families. There’s lots of ways you can still get involved in a covid safe way.

If you choose something you love, you will have much more fun raising funds.

Here are a few more ideas:

Paint the
pavement pink

Choose a physical challenge, set a fitness goal and raise funds for breast cancer. Set a kilometer goal and start raising funds with your friends. Start a group bike ride and support local families through breast cancer at the same time. There’s no deadlines or cut off dates, support local families in your own time.


Host a pink virtual catch up and raise funds for breast cancer. Don’t let COVID lockdown stop you from catching up and getting creative online to support local families. Host a breakfast or lunch, cook together online, make a pink drink and chat to the girls. The options are endless. 

Make it Pink

Make it pink and show your support. Pledge to wear pink socks for a month, paint your nails pink, dye your hair pink, wear pink clothes every day. Create your pledge on your own just giving page and kick off your pink pledge. 

Celebrate in pink

Celebrate a special occasion by supporting breast cancer instead of gifts. By celebrating in pink you will be making your wedding, retirement, or even your next birthday party count. 

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