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Focus on improving mental, physical and emotional health through the guidance and support of professionals. 

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Thanks to the support of Nova Alliance Bank, the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation Wellness Hub is available to all breast cancer families throughout the Newcastle and Hunter region to help improve mental, physical and emotional health. 

We have partnered with experts in fields including exercise rehab, mediation, yoga and mindfulness to ensure there is something for everyone no matter where you are at in your breast cancer journey.

Something for everyone

Whether you have just been diagnosed early breast cancer, you are recovering from treatments and surgery or if you have metastatic breast cancer, these resources are designed especially for you.

Expert advice and guidance

We have partnered with experts in various fields to ensure we are offering the best resources from a number of specialists.

Movement and Exercise

Movement and physical exercise have a vital role to play in getting you through your breast cancer treatment and in rehabilitating to ensure you can live the fullest life possible.


Yoga has been found to improve sleep quality, minimise fatigue, depression and joint pain, increase flexibility, and ease the overall discomfort and anxiety of going through breast cancer.


Learn some everyday tools and techniques to improve confidence, minimise anxiety and sleeplessness and practice your learnings through some guided meditations.

Mental Health

Discover ways to help improve your mental and emotional health as experts share their strategies to assist with the many challenges of breast cancer.

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