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Recovery Phase Exercises

Kate Perkins from Bounce Back from Breast Cancer, takes us through some simple exercises perfect for clients in the recovery stage of their breast cancer journey.

Importance of Guided Exercise in Recovery Phase

You might be ready to get back to the gym, but don’t know where to start. You don’t want to risk injury by not performing weights or resistance exercises properly.

Most people don’t realise that your recovery after surgery can be really hampered if you are not guided through a specialised exercise program. Below are 3 simple exercises selected from the Bounce Back Foundation Program which are perfect for you in the recovery stage.

Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman is an exercise to focus on core strength and stability.

Tricep Overhead Reach

The tricep overhead reach is a shoulder stabilising exercise. When performed correctly, you will feel resistance through your upper abdominals, serratus anterior muscles, and strengthen your triceps.

Standing Lunges

Kate explains and demonstrates the execution of lunges with a focus on correct positioning, setting up your posture and stabilising through the hips before moving in to the lunge.

About the Bounce Back from Breast Cancer Program

The Bounce Back from Breast Cancer program is designed to help you regain movement, mobility, and strength before, during and following breast cancer treatment.

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