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Pre-surgery Exercises

Kate Perkins from Bounce Back from Breast Cancer, takes us through exercises recommended for breast cancer patients to do prior to breast surgery.

Why should I do Exercises Pre-Surgery?

It is so natural to want to adopt a protective posture post breast cancer surgery, or not want to use the affected arm. This can contribute to loss of shoulder range of movement and function.

Why not learn correct postural movement patterns prior to surgery to assist your recovery?

Here are 3 simple exercises selected from the Bounce Back Foundation Program which are perfect for you in the pre-surgery stage.

Shoulder Squeeze

The shoulder squeeze is a small movement to train shoulder blade engagement

Bicep Curls

The bicep curl is a strengthening exercise to recommended for breast cancer patients to do prior to surgery or 3-4 weeks and beyond post-surgery.

the Waiter

The waiter is an external shoulder rotation exercise to increase mobility and strengthening of the muscles in between the shoulder blades.

About the Bounce Back from Breast Cancer Program

The Bounce Back from Breast Cancer program is designed to help you regain movement, mobility, and strength before, during and following breast cancer treatment.

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