As her one-year-old son and three-year-old daughter play in the sandpit of a lovely Lake Macquarie home, single mum Naomi Cowper looks to the future with a mixture of trepidation and positivity.

Last year, during maternity leave from her job as a theatre nurse, Naomi found a lump on her breast, which was the start of a cancer journey that continues today. The Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation heard of her plight last December, via by the Breast Care Coordinator at Calvary Mater Newcastle.

“I didn’t know anything about the Foundation before they contacted me. I was in shock and going through all the processes,” Naomi says. “Since then, they arrange to mow the lawns, which is fantastic because my father looks after the kids a lot. A cleaner comes, and the Foundation also sent out a lovely box of organic fruit and vegetables.”

HBCF was also able to help Naomi select from the wig/headwear library, with door-to-door delivery of a range of options. These are also available for viewing on the HBCF website

There was also a children’s book explaining breast cancer to kids.

Naomi’s mother, Anne, says the Foundation’s support has also lifted a load off her own shoulders.

“You never want your kids to go through this and at first I felt like I had to take full responsibility in helping Naomi,” Anne says. “So, to know there’s such a supportive group out there, it’s absolutely wonderful. They know what they’re doing, they’ve been through this before, and I just have to tag along.”

Naomi now says she has a totally different mindset on life: “It’s a big journey but I feel really blessed and lucky to be where I am”.

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