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Healthy Fresh Food Delivered Across Newcastle

Healthy Fresh Food Delivered Across Newcastle

During COVID-19 we have made some changes to our service offering to ensure everyone’s safety and to better support our clients.

We know getting to the grocery store can be challenging at the moment and want to ensure any family going through treatment for breast cancer have access to fresh food.

Keeping healthy during this time is important.

HBCF will partner with local fresh food vendors to provide fresh food boxes to HBCF families.

Clients can choose from either a complete food box, fresh ready made meals or a fruit and vegetable box. These will include: a mix of in season fresh fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs, bread and meat.

These boxes will be delivered to your door for you to enjoy.

If you would like a fresh food box delivered to your door please click here or contact 0477 760 667 or click here

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