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We are partnering up with the Dry July Foundation to raise much needed funds for Hunter people going through breast cancer.

This Dry July, our goal is to raise the projected funds needed over the next financial year to provide transport for our local breast cancer client’s to attend their breast cancer treatment and medical appointments.

In the last 12 months, we have provided more than 1000 transport services to the Hunter community!

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Join our team in going dry this July to support our local breast cancer families. The money raised this Dry July we help support our Transport Program.

Fundraising Resources

If you are supporting HBCF this Dry July make sure to check out all of the resources you can use to share your fundraising journey!


By going dry this july you will be supporting our transport program!

HBCF’s transport program helps ease added stress on family and friends to take time off work by providing a safe, reliable way to get to and from their appointments when needed at zero cost. Some of HBCF’s client’s don’t have any family in the area to assist taking to these critical appointments.

The Transport program is HBCF’s most in demand program and ensures that no local breast cancer patient is ever left without a way to or from their breast cancer related appointments.

The funds raised throughout our team page will be granted directly to Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation (HBCF).

HBCF are a completely independent, not-for-profit charity raising funds to provide practical supportive care services to local families in the Hunter region navigating breast cancer. HBCF are 100% funded by our local community.

Supportive care services include everything from a wig & headwear library, transport, cleaning & lawn maintenance, prosthesis funding, support groups, exercise & wellness programs, educational scholarships for children affected by parents with breast cancer and more.

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