Community Fundraising Guidelines

These guidelines outline the
expectations and responsibilities for community fundraisers (Fundraisers)
organising events or campaigns to benefit the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation
(HBCF). By proceeding with your fundraising initiative, you agree to the
following terms and conditions:


1.       Plan and execute the fundraising event or campaign for the benefit of HBCF.

2.       Liaise with HBCF’s designated contact person to coordinate and discuss the details of your fundraising initiative.

3.       Promote your event or campaign through various channels, including social media, community events, and personal networks.

4.       Clearly communicate that your fundraising initiative is “in support of HBCF”.

5.       Abide by all applicable laws and regulations related to fundraising activities.


While HBCF appreciates and values your efforts to promote your fundraising event, it’s important to note that the primary responsibility for promoting the event lies with the community fundraiser (you). HBCF may share your event on its official social media channels when tagged and reserves the right to feature and acknowledge your initiative in its promotional material. However, the success of the event’s promotion largely depends on your proactive efforts. We encourage you to leverage your networks and utilise various communication channels to maximise awareness and participation in your event. Thank you for your understanding and commitment to making your fundraising initiative a success.


  1.  Acknowledgment and recognition in HBCF’s promotional material related to your fundraising initiative.
  2.  Support from HBCF in promoting your event or campaign through its official channels.
  3.  Local Impact: Your dedication ensures that funds raised stay within the Hunter region, directly supporting local families affected by breast cancer. The knowledge that you’re making a difference in your community adds a meaningful dimension to your fundraising journey.


  1.  If, for any reason, you are unable to proceed with your fundraising initiative, please notify HBCF in writing so that we can amend our records accordingly.
  2.  Communicate openly and professionally with HBCF throughout the planning and execution of your fundraising initiative.
  3.  Comply with any safety guidelines or procedures communicated by HBCF or third parties during the preparation and execution of your event.
  4.  Recognise and understand the inherent risks associated with organising events or campaigns and accept responsibility for any associated risks.
  5.  As a community fundraiser, you are not considered an employee or volunteer of HBCF, and therefore, HBCF’s insurance policies do not cover your liability during the event.


In consideration of being accepted as a community fundraiser for HBCF, you fully indemnify and will keep indemnified HBCF and its directors, officers, staff, volunteers, and representatives from any liability arising from your fundraising initiative, acts, or omissions.


By proceeding with your fundraising initiative, you also agree that;

  • I have read the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation’s Fundraising Guidelines and agree to abide by them at all times.
  • I confirm that I am acting on behalf of and with the authority and power to bind those individuals and companies named as the community fundraiser.
  • I confirm that my proposed fundraising event complies with all relevant legislative and local government requirements and that all appropriate permits, licenses and insurance for fundraising in the state of New South Wales have been obtained.
  • I will not exploit the position as a community fundraiser and/or the association with Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation for personal gain.
  • I agree that all personal and sensitive information associated with the proposed fundraising event will be handled in accordance with all relevant privacy legislation.
  • I confirm that any fundraising event costs shall always be held to a percentage of revenue which is generally acceptable within the not-for-profit sector and by the public. The traditional percentage split is no more than 60/40 – overall activity revenue to activity costs. 
  • I will ensure that financial and activity reports are made available to the public, including the amounts raised, how was spent and the net proportion donated to Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation.
  • I confirm that any monies raised or donated during the fundraising event will be used for the stated purpose for which they were raised and within any specified timeframe.
  • I understand that the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation must receive all donations and fundraising proceeds within 14 days of event completion.
  • I agree to seek permission to use the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation name or logo on materials relating to the fundraising activity.
  • I agree not to align Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation with any pharmaceutical or tobacco organisations in relation to the fundraising activity.
  • I give consent for photographs or other information I provide from the event to be published online or in publications by Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation.

Thank you for your commitment to supporting HBCF. Your dedication and efforts contribute significantly to our mission in providing practical assistance to local families affected by breast cancer.

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