Cheree's Breast Cancer Journey

My name is Cheree, and I’m a breast cancer survivor.

In March 2020 while our community was facing the first COVID lockdown, I was given a breast cancer diagnosis. It wasn’t easy but I survived.

Dealing with doctor visits, surgeon appointments, seemingly endless tests, and scans, two operations (including a unilateral mastectomy), four months of chemotherapy, six weeks of radiation therapy and now ongoing endocrine medication took its toll, not only on me but on my loving family and dear friends.

Post-surgery, one of the nurses informed me about the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation (HBCF) and the support available to breast cancer patients.

When I was discharged from hospital, I felt overwhelmed and wondered how I was going to deal with all of “this”. I  reached out to HBCF’s contact number, found on their website and was greeted by Cathy, HBCF’s Supportive Care Coordinator. From that first conversation, support just seemed to appear right at the moment I needed it most during my recovery.

I received a pamper pack filled with oncology approved products, a healthy eating organic fruit and vegetable box, a lawn mowing service and petrol vouchers to help ease financial stress of travel costs to all breast cancer related appointments.

The support from the HBCF is ongoing and still provides many opportunities for me to engage with them and fellow breast cancer survivors. All sufferers and survivors of breast cancer need to be able to access such support. It’s amazing how the generosity of HBCF felt so personal and nothing was a bother, even if I just needed a chat.

To say thank you to HBCF, I am promoting an online fundraising raffle throughout October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to raise funds for HBCF so they can continue to expand their work and provide support to breast cancer families within our community.  All sufferers and survivors deserve the best support they can access. HBCF provided essential support services that have helped me deal with the trauma of breast cancer.

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