Meet Chris

At 72, Chris Garrod still loves nothing more than donning a leather jacket and revving up her classic Yamaha 650 motorcycle. She’s been behind the handlebars since the age of 12, and for the past 20 years has used this passion to power her fund-raising activities for breast cancer. Chris was a member of the

Meet Denise

As if life wasn’t hectic enough for Denise Davidson, running a semi-rural property and a family business while being the mother of five children and a proud grandmother, her world was suddenly rocked by a Stage III breast cancer diagnosis. Denise required two operations, along with chemotherapy and 25 consecutive rounds of radiation therapy, all

Meet Margaret

“I’m the mother of two beautiful sons, grandmother to five grand-children, and a great-grandmother to one beautiful great-granddaughter,” explains Margaret Parkes, sitting comfortably in the loungeroom of her Belmont home. But this idyllic life was threatened in June last year when a breast test returned positive results. “My whole world just fell apart and I