Brenden Sandell-hay’s 8 week Christmas challenge

Over the next 8 weeks Brandon will be completing an 8 week challenge whilst also raising funds for HBCF

A message from Brandon:

A good mate of mines mum was recently diagnosed with breast cancer so I have decided to try and do my bit to help the best way I can… as of today I am starting an 8 week challenge where I will try to lose as many kgs as possible and will donate $100 for every kg lost in the 8 weeks to the cause. I am asking all of you to dig deep and find a bit of cash big or small to help out … not only is it for a good cause you get to watch me get hammered for 8 weeks of hard training and clean eating all over the Xmas break… everyone knows I love food and I really love beer…. So there’s no bigger challenge for me then the Xmas period….. but my challenge is small compared to Mitch’s mums and everyone else out there that is fighting there own battles…. So sponsor me and put your money where your mouth is and watch the big rig drop some kegs for a good mate and a great cause….

Challenge will include-

  • Weekly weigh in
  • Minimum 700 + push ups a week for 8 weeks
  • Minimum 4 + F45 sessions a week
  • Cleaning eating (Xmas ham to a minimum) 
  • Zero beers

HBCF would like to say a massive thank you to Brandon for fundraising to help support Hunter families through their breast cancer journey and we wish him the best of luck in his challenge!

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