Meet Josh Lawlor

fundraising, marketing & events coordinator

Meet Josh, the driving force behind fundraising, events and marketing at the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation (HBCF). Josh’s connection to breast cancer is personal, rooted in the experiences of family and friends impacted by the disease, igniting a passion for making a difference.

Bringing a wealth of business expertise and a current pursuit of an MBA & Master of Marketing, Josh navigates the complexities of his role with dedication. His motivation stems from a genuine desire to effect real change and raise awareness for breast cancer support.

Amidst the whirlwind of his days, Josh witnesses the inspiring unity of the community rallying for a common cause. Every dollar raised in fundraising initiatives significantly contributes to providing critical services for those facing breast cancer challenges.

A standout memory for Josh is the MudRun presentation—an event that epitomised community spirit and generosity, showcasing the profound impact of united support. Beyond his role, Josh finds solace in outdoor activities, supports local businesses and actively engages in community events, reflecting his commitment to uplifting the broader community.

An unexpected facet of Josh’s character is his ardent support for local initiatives, always seeking ways to uplift and empower the community. His advice for those aspiring to make a difference mirrors his own journey—start small, engage passionately with causes close to your heart, and never underestimate the power of collective efforts.

Grateful for unwavering supporters, Josh acknowledges that their steadfast backing is the cornerstone of HBCF’s success. Envisioning a future where collective efforts continue to make a meaningful impact, he, along with the indomitable spirit of the HBCF community, strives to offer steadfast support to those affected by breast cancer.

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